Teacher Resources

This page lists and describes resources for teachers. I use these documents when I teach my own classes, so they reflect my teaching style; they may not fit yours, but feel free to take a look. By resources I mean worksheets for essay development, instructions for writing summaries, methods of attributing information, techniques for writing essay introductions, and other tasks associated with essay development.

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Secret to Good Writing and a Better Vocabulary in English

If you want students to improve their writing skills and vocabulary in English, they must invest time and practice. Here is a technique that I find useful for motivated students to improve their writing and vocabulary.

Summarizing Information

Here is a simple technique for writing a summary sentence that does not include the student writer's opinion of the essay being summarized. Many students have trouble summarizing material and giving their opinion of what they read. I have found the material on this sheet useful in getting students away from using "In my opinion" types of constructions.

Writing Introductions

Right now, all I have is a very general presentation of how to write introductions to expository essays. I plan to expand it using student examples. For now, this 1-page sheet gives a general overview of writing introductions to college-level essays, as well as two examples of introductory paragraphs.

Writing a Clear Thesis Statement

This two-page handout explains how to write a thesis statement where one idea is subordinate to another. It discusses the placement of a thesis statment and the rationale for such a placement. Some essay topics are also suggested.

Indirect Citations, In-Text, APA

This one-page handout explains how to cite and integrate into a research paper an article that itself uses information from another article or book. The handout gives three examples of the in-text citation, along with the format for listing the source in a references list.

Organizing Essays

This worksheet helps students organize an expository essay. Although the worksheet is not suitable for every type of essay, it does provide the "bones" for the type of expository essay that many college students are asked to write.