Improve Your Vocabulary, Grammar and Writing Style

The secret to improving your writing style, grammar, and vocabulary in English (or any language, for that matter) is time and practice. Time and Practice are very old-school concepts, but that's what it takes. There are no short cuts.

Three Steps to Improve Your Writing and Vocabulary

  1. Find a passage (usually a paragraph) that you think is well written. Using a pen (not pencil, not a computer), COPY the passage verbatim (word for word). Include all punctuation and capitalization exactly as it appears in the original.
  2. Look up and define every word you do not know, so that you can understand the passage clearly. Write these words and definitions on paper.
  3. Read the hand-written passage you copied aloud. Try to pronounce every word correctly, and try to read the paragraph smoothly.

The entire process may take about 30 - 40 minutes. That's Time. You have to do it daily (or as much as you can). That's practice. But it works.

Paragraphs to Improve Your Writing and Vocabulary

These Reading Comprehension Worksheets Also Provide Good Writing Samples

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